We have the lessons available every weekday! Some families bring their kid every day, others 2-3 times a week, just whatever works for your schedule!

Depending on where they are, they could probably fit best into our more advanced lesson swimmer or the beginner level of the swim team (we will make sure they are not overwhelmed!)
May 28-June 14th, the lessons group is 6:00 - 6:30 pm Monday through Friday, the Beginner Swim Team Group is 5:15-6:00pm Monday - Fridays
June 17th - the end of the season:
Lessons: M-F 10:15-10:45am, T/Th evening: 6:00-6:30pm!
Beginner: M-F: 9:45-10:45, T/TH evening 6:45 -7:45pm!

For our swim team we actually start with lessons and work all the way up to the high school level so we definitely have an appropriate level for them our team! We have a fun group of littles who are in that lesson/swim team level and we work on teaching them freestyle and backstroke first before moving into learning how to do fly and breast! All our lesson kids are automatically on the swim team roster and we love seeing if we can get them to do a race at a meet during the summer (even if it's just an exhibition race!).

Check out THE WAVES page for registration information!