Unlike many local pools, you are not required to purchase a bond with your membership.

2023 Memberships

-Family Membership$530 (Maintenance fee included)
(includes adults and children living in the same household).

-First Adult $240 (Maintenance fee included)
If add second adult, add $190
(Maintenance fee included)
If adding a child (ages 2-16), add $50 each
Babies under 2 are free but please list them.
-Youth Membership (ages 16-19) $165 (
Maintenance fee included)
Must be able to pass the swim test. No adult membership needed to purchase.

Maximum Fee Per Family:  $530

3 Month Payment Plan Option
1st payment due March 15th - $175.00

2nd payment due April 1st- 15th - $175.00

3rd payment due May 1st- 15th - $180.00

***maintenance fee is non-refundable for a payment plan if not completed***

5 free guest passes to all memberships paid in full by April 1st.

Maintenance Fee: This fee helps offset annual repairs and improvements to the pool and facilities.

*Can be applied to next years membership by volunteering during clean up/setup days, closing of the pool, and other events posted.

**There is a $15.00 maintenance fee per member 16yrs and older included in the membership fees above. The family membership  includes 2*$15.00 maintenance fee. There is no fee for children who were less than two years old on January 1, 2023

 ***The maintenance fees will be refunded for an hour of volunteer time (details to come)

Payment Plans are available and all special circumstances will be considered.  Please contact Krista Kendall Estraca at 302-438-1874 or email wedgewoodpool@hotmail.com.